MERÏKH bags & accessories ©™. Scandinavian lifestyle bags for men, women & pets with optional multifunction concept.

Casual bags with option to vary the look via attaching a Multifunctional bag in several different ways. The Multibags can also be worn separately as purse, cross-body, shoulder bag or attached on: Belt, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Pet leash, Scooter etc. MERÏKH bags are a companion for the most occasions: travel, sports, work, shopping, party, everyday use etc.

MERÏKH bags first Multifunctional bag was created 2008 and design protected 2009 by Hannele Merik. The idea was born when walking her dog, the mini pincher Lowo, a need of a small handbag for all personal items that could be attached on: bicycle, belt, pet leash etc, to be able to enjoy walks, activities and travels without having to carry anything “hands free living”. Several years later in 2013 the complete MERÏKH bags collection and multifunction concept was created, and the brand was officially started in 2014. The brand is more than just bags, it is a life style, a concept that gives you functionality, comfort and unique design. The ideas are collected from travels around the world by the founder. Hannele is born and raised in Stockholm Sweden with Finnish and Estonian parents. She has lived and worked in Sweden, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Estonia, and studied design in USA. Travelling, cultures, languages and creativity is her passion, and that has been the source of the inspiration.